The Happy Ending Con: Chapter I – Photos & Screencaptures

Hello Evil Regals!
I have added photos taken by People Convention of Lana during last year’s : ‘The Happy Ending Convention‘ in Paris to the gallery! Thank you to People Convention for giving me the permission for featuring them on the site! The official video of the con has been released a while ago, you can check out the video below and the screencaptures can be found in our gallery! Enjoy!

Also, I am currently working on the media section as well as the individual Television Show pages so those are on the way!

• Comic Cons & Conventions The Happy Ending Con THEC: Official Photos
• Comic Cons & Conventions The Happy Ending Con THEC: Screencaptures

[Once Upon a Time] The Happy Ending Convention from Pierre-Louis Coudercy on Vimeo.

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