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OUAT: 7.17 Chosen – HQ Screencaptures

OUAT: 7.17 Chosen – HQ Screencaptures

Hello Evil Regals!
Last night’s OUAT episode ‘Chosen‘ marked Lana’s directorial debut. We are so very proud of her for reaching this awesome milestone in her career! 217 HQ episode screencaptures have been added to the gallery! You can find them by clicking here or by clicking on any of the thumbnails below! Enjoy!

Lana Parrilla Talks Directing Debut, Bidding Regina Adieu

Lana Parrilla Talks Directing Debut, Bidding Regina Adieu

For this Friday’s episode of Once Upon a Time , original cast member Lana Parrilla found herself behind as well as in front of the camera.

Making her directorial debut, Parrilla helped bring to life a revamped tale of Hansel and Gretel, the former of which we now know to be Hyperion Heights’ Candy Killer. Her first foray into directing also of course came in the nick of time, with just six episodes left in the fantasy drama’s run.

Here, in TVLine’s last of so many Q&As over the years with Parrilla, she details how directing played right into her personal wheelhouse, before reflecting — Kleenex alert! — on the end of her reign as Regina fka the Evil Queen.

TVLINE | I have every faith that you went into this so incredibly prepared, but even so, was there anything that surprised you about your directing debut experience?
I mean, I guess what surprised me was I had no idea how much actually goes into making a television show, or a movie, or any sort of production in our industry. I didn’t realize how many times we were going to read the script every single day, with every department, and go through every single detail of it. And I actually really enjoyed that part of it, because I am so detail oriented, and breaking stuff down on that level was a good percentage of the homework. I really, really appreciated how thorough every department was and how detailed everything was. I’d been wearing the actor’s hat for so long, I had no idea there was so much that went into it. Now having worn the director’s hat, I love it. It’s right up my alley. Prep is one of my favorite things to do, so it was really aligned with my process.

TVLINE | What’s a specific level of detail that the director gets involved in that we regular folk might not even consider?
It varies because, as they say, film is the director’s medium, TV is a producer’s medium and stage is the actor’s medium. But what really surprised me was how open my producers were to my ideas — and I came with a lot of ’em. Especially with the gingerbread house and how I wanted the children to look, ideas for Rebecca [Mader]’s look and what happens at the midpoint in the script, and the energy and vibe I was looking for. And also visually what I wanted — color schemes, etcetera, the ambiance and the feel of a place, working with the art department…. I didn’t think that I was going to have as much input, but on Once Upon a Time they trusted me with the creative process more than I thought they would, and I was really taken by that. And very grateful. Continue reading

OUAT 7.17 Chosen: Episode Stills & BTS

Hello Evil Regals!
I have added HQ episode stills as well as some new BTS photos of this week’s upcoming episode ‘Chosen‘ to the gallery! You can find them by clicking here & here or by clicking on any of the thumbnails below! Enjoy!

This week’s episode also marks Lana’s directorial debut and we’ll finally be able to see the result of her hard work and dedication she has put into it so don’t miss it!

OUAT 7.17 Chosen – Promo

Hello Evil Regals!
This coming Friday will mark Lana’s directorial debut.
Don’t miss it this week on Once Upon A Time!

BTS Photos of Lana directing OUAT

Hello Evil Regals!
I have added some BTS photos of Lana while she was directing the upcoming OUAT episode : ‘Chosen‘ to the gallery! The episode will be Season 7’s 17th episode and marks Lana’s directorial debut as well as the show’s 150th episode!

OUAT will be back for its Season 7B Summer Premiere on March 2, 2018!

Source: Lana’s Instagram

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