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OUAT: Sean Maguire among returning faces for series finale

OUAT: Sean Maguire among returning faces for series finale

A number of familiar faces will be returning to Once Upon a Time for its final run of episodes.

EW has learned that original stars Jared Gilmore (young Henry Mills), Bev Elliott (Granny), Lee Arenberg (Grumpy), Tony Amendola (Geppetto), and Keegan Connor Tracy (Blue Fairy), along with later additions Joanna Garcia (Ariel), Robbie Kay (Peter Pan), Sean Maguire (Robin Hood), and Victoria Smurfit (Cruella de Vil), are all set to return in one or both of the final two episodes of the series, EW has learned.

As previously announced, Once Upon a Time will end its run after season 7. These won’t be the only actors returning for the last installments, as additional talent is expected to be announced soon. To find out what’s in store for the final episodes, read our interview with executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis here.

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OUAT 7.12 A Taste Of The Heights: Regina Goes After Witch Killer.

More info about the upcoming Once Upon A Time episode , A Taste Of The Heights:

— Spoiler Alert —

Regina/Roni (Lana Parrilla) and her sister, Zelena/Kelly (Rebecca Madder), will hunt down the person killing witches in the upcoming episode of “Once upon a Time.”

In the episode titled “A Taste of the Heights,” the promo shows Regina extremely worried about the unexpected death of several witches. The first one to perish was the nurse who was taking care of Lucy (Alison Fernandez). After confirming that the child’s father was Henry (Andrew J. West), she keeled over, dead. The nurse was poisoned and the only clue to the culprit’s identity was the black leather gloves he/she was wearing.

Series co-creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis told TVLine that the secret killer storyline is going to be interconnected with the coven and Gothel’s/Eloise’s (Emma Booth) plot. They said, though, that this enigma would be unveiled quite soon. As for the shocking sacrifice of Victoria/Rapunzel (Gabrielle Anwar), the EPs said that the character died an honorable death. Gothel saved Drizella/Ivy (Adelaide Kane) and told her that all she wanted was for her and her sister, Anastacia (Yael Yurman) to be in good terms again.

“[She] originally was trapped in a tower and kind of became this villain, and yet in this moment in the relationship between Ivy and her… she was able to reclaim who she was. And I think that’s always been a message on the show, which is this is not a show where we expect you to be perfect. This is a show where we all say, ‘OK, every day we make mistakes, but it’s how you come back from them.’ So we felt like that was a fitting ending,” Kitsis explained.

Meanwhile, the episode will also see Tiana (Mekia Cox) on the day of her coronation. It will be ruined when she is forced to go to the Bayou after an ugly confrontation with Dr. Facilier (Daniel Francis). Once there, an unexpected encounter will turn her world upside down. It looks like Tiana is finally going to meet her prince.

“Once Upon a Time” season 7 airs Fridays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.


Once Upon A Time to end after Season 7

Once Upon a Time is about to reach its happily ever after: The long-running ABC fairy tale drama will end its run after seven seasons, EW has learned.

Created by Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, the series debuted in 2011 with an ambitious premise: OUAT would transplant the fairy tale characters viewers had come to know and love to the real world thanks to a Dark Curse, cast by the Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla), that could only be broken by the daughter (Jennifer Morrison) of Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Prince Charming (Josh Dallas).

After six seasons, most of the original cast departed, including Morrison, Goodwin, and Dallas. The series then shifted to follow an adult Henry Mills (Andrew J. West, in the role originated by Jared Gilmore) trapped in the cursed Seattle neighborhood of Hyperion Heights alongside originals Regina and Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle), as well as season 2 addition Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue).
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OUAT: Lana Parrilla Set To Make Directorial Debut For “Chosen” Episode

Once Upon a Time‘s Lana Parrilla will assume another role in the forthcoming season of the ABC series. The original cast member is set to step behind the camera and make her directorial debut.

Show co-creator Adam Horowitz took to Twitter on Tuesday night to share the news, teasing us with an image of a script page from season seven’s 17th episode titled “Chosen.” Under the title it says “Written by Paul Karp & Brian Ridings” and below that it says “Directed by Lana Parrilla.”

Usually seen in front of the camera as Regina, this will mark Parrilla’s first time as a director. Horowitz doesn’t give us much to chew on about the episode in his tweet and simply says it’s a “#titlespoiler.”

Source: Adam Horowitz twitter & Deadline Hollywood

ABC boss ‘cautiously optimistic’ about Once Upon a Time’s future

Though Once Upon a Time and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. have been struggling in the ratings since their respective moves to Friday nights, the two dramas have potential to return next season.

“I would say I’m cautiously optimistic,” ABC boss Channing Dungey told reporters at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour Monday. “It’s always hard at this point in January to know because some of it is also dependent on your new development and how you feel about those things, so that’s why it’s really hard at the top of the year to know exactly what’s going to happen.”

In its rebooted seventh season, Once Upon a Time has been averaging 3.7 million total viewers and a 1.1 in the 18-49 demographic season to date.

“The thing about Once Upon a Time is that the ratings have been a little bit lower on Friday than they were on Sunday, but our delayed viewing, which we were averaging a bump of about 55 percent, this year has been into triple digits, so the actual fanbase really hasn’t shifted very much,” Dungey says. “It’s more that they’ve been watching it more time-shifted since we’ve been on Friday.”

Dungey notes that a potential season 8 would also depend on the creative, which she has not yet heard.

“Eddy [Kitsis] and Adam [Horowitz] are going to be coming in shortly to talk with us about what they would want to be doing if they had another season, so I can’t really say until we’ve had that conversation,” Dungey said.


Lana Parrilla on Sean Maguire’s return to OUAT

Lana Parrilla on Sean Maguire’s return to OUAT

Lana not only talked to Cosmopolitan (scroll down to read that interview) but she also talked to Entertainment Weekly. She talked about how Regina could react when she finds out about Emma’s vision, what The Evil Queen might be up to and she also talks about the return of Sean Maguire to the show! You can read the full article below!

Lana Parrilla is pulling double duty this season on Once Upon a Time.

After separating and trying to destroy her evil half, Regina (Lana Parrilla) is now facing the consequences head-on as the Evil Queen aims to destroy everyone’s happy endings in Storybrooke. Will Regina be able to stop her? EW turned to Parrilla to get the scoop:

How will Regina continue to struggle with trying to find who she is now without her dark half?
It’s a journey for her. There’s still some big lessons ahead that she’s hasn’t quite learned yet. She’s going down that path now. The biggest lesson I could say for her is that you really can’t get rid of your darkness. That’s something that she has to learn, and unfortunately the hard way — and everyone else is paying for it, too. [Laughs] One decision affects everyone, the whole neighborhood. She’s struggling with that a bit. Right now, our heroes have been thrown into action and that’s where Regina is right now in this upcoming episode. She’s thrown into action and she’s assisting Dr. Jekyll to come up with a serum so she can take out her other half, the Evil Queen. That’s where she is in this episode. Continue reading