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Lana says Thank You to the fans & goodbye to OUAT

Dear #onceuponatime fans, I would like to thank you all for your love and support over the last 7 years! I never could’ve imagined I would get to play an iconic Disney character in my career and who better than the Evil Queen herself! ONCE’s EQ Regina Mills was so much more than a villain. She became a hero, an inspiration and one of the most influential characters on the show. She became MY hero. I learned so much from her and I will miss walking in her shoes. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to play Regina. Thank you, thank you, thank you @adamhorowitzla @edwardkitsis @disney & @abcnetwork 💋 This experience has changed my life! Everyone please enjoy tonight’s series finale of Once Upon A Time! It’s a tearjerker so prepare yourselves! All my love – Lana ❤️

Source: Lana’s Instagram

OUAT Series Finale – Cast Interviews Featurette

KSiteTV speaks with Lana Parrilla at the OUAT Series Finale Screening

What Lana Parrilla Will Miss Most About Playing Regina on Once Upon a Time

What Lana Parrilla Will Miss Most About Playing Regina on Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time is officially coming to an end, which means we’ll have to say goodbye to some of our favorite characters by the end of this season. While I’ve grown to love each and every fairytale character over the past few years, I’ve always really admired Regina Mills, aka the Evil Queen. Not only is she incredibly fierce, but she really does personify everything the show is about: hope. And the actress who plays her certainly agrees. When I spoke with Lana Parrilla about her directorial debut earlier this season, she talked about why her character resonates so much with fans, her favorite story arc over the past seven seasons, and what she’ll miss most about playing the one and only Regina.

While Regina has certainly had a tough life and experienced a lot of loss, she finds a way to come out on the other side a better person. Sure, it isn’t an easy battle, but she eventually finds a way to balance her good and dark side. “She’s had a lot of inner struggles and inner demons that have surfaced that she’s not been able to control,” Parrilla explained. “But through love, friendship, and family she found the courage and strength to confront her darkness and overcome it, and also learn to embrace it and accept it.” Continue reading

Craig Clarke Photoshoot

Craig Clarke Photoshoot

Hello Evil Regals!
I have added 4 beautiful pictures of Lana from a shoot she did as The Evil Queen. These photos were taken by photographer Craig Clarke. Judging on the outfit she is wearing, I believe these were taken in 2016, at the start of Season 6. The shots are just stunning! You can check them out by clicking here or on any of the thumbnails below! Enjoy!

Message From Lana following the OUAT news

Lana took to Instagram to thank the fans, cast & crew of Once Upon A Time:

I’ll never forget the day I walked in to audition as Evil Queen Regina for Eddy and Adam. I was wearing all black (of course) and had this crazy, dreadlock looking wrap draped over my shoulders. I had no idea where this pilot was going to go but I knew it was something special. I walked out of the audition room and down the hall was an old photograph of the OG Evil Queen herself. I knew then, something magical was about to begin.
It’s been 7 years now and I couldn’t be prouder of what we all have created. Adam and Eddy had this crazy idea in their minds years ago and it turned into a fantastical phenomenon. This show has touched so many people’s lives, changed them for the better, has inspired us to grow in ways we never could’ve imagined. It’s brought hope, joy, friendships and love to so many. I am lucky and blessed to have been a part of it for 7 years. I want to thank the cast, our incredibly, hard working crew and the writers for your dedication and hard work over the years. Thank you to the studio and network for believing in us, supporting us and giving us a home to tell our stories. But most importantly, I want to thank our fans. We honestly wouldn’t be here without your love, support and loyalty to ONCE. Thank you for standing by us all of these years. We hope we’ve made you proud and that the magic this show has brought in to your lives never dies. Thank you for all you’ve given back to us in return and always remember to keep that magic alive. Signed with love, respect, gratitude and honor, Lana ❤️ #OUAT 🙏

Source: Instagram

OUAT 6.10 Wish You Were Here – New Still

OUAT 6.10 Wish You Were Here – New Still

Greetings Evil Regals! New HQ Episode Still of the upcoming OUAT Winter Finale Wish You Were Here has been added to our gallery! Enjoy!

Lana Parrilla on Sean Maguire’s return to OUAT

Lana Parrilla on Sean Maguire’s return to OUAT

Lana not only talked to Cosmopolitan (scroll down to read that interview) but she also talked to Entertainment Weekly. She talked about how Regina could react when she finds out about Emma’s vision, what The Evil Queen might be up to and she also talks about the return of Sean Maguire to the show! You can read the full article below!

Lana Parrilla is pulling double duty this season on Once Upon a Time.

After separating and trying to destroy her evil half, Regina (Lana Parrilla) is now facing the consequences head-on as the Evil Queen aims to destroy everyone’s happy endings in Storybrooke. Will Regina be able to stop her? EW turned to Parrilla to get the scoop:

How will Regina continue to struggle with trying to find who she is now without her dark half?
It’s a journey for her. There’s still some big lessons ahead that she’s hasn’t quite learned yet. She’s going down that path now. The biggest lesson I could say for her is that you really can’t get rid of your darkness. That’s something that she has to learn, and unfortunately the hard way — and everyone else is paying for it, too. [Laughs] One decision affects everyone, the whole neighborhood. She’s struggling with that a bit. Right now, our heroes have been thrown into action and that’s where Regina is right now in this upcoming episode. She’s thrown into action and she’s assisting Dr. Jekyll to come up with a serum so she can take out her other half, the Evil Queen. That’s where she is in this episode. Continue reading

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