Admin / November 7th, 2017

Hello Evil Regals!
I have added new released episode stills of this week’s OUAT – Regina centered – episode: ‘Wake Up Call‘ to the gallery as well as a BTS Still.

Also, screencaps of last week’s episode ‘Greenbacks‘ are on their way so stay tuned!

Admin / November 2nd, 2017

Hello Evil Regals!
I have updated the gallery and added all missing pictures of events Lana has attented in 2017 up until now!

Admin / October 30th, 2017

Dear fellow Evil Regals!
You probably noticed that I have been absent for almost a year…
I’ve been going through a very rough time and due to that I had to focus on getting through what life threw at me.
I have also recently started to go to school again so that’s taking up a lot of my time as well.
But I realised how much I missed updating and how much I missed this site so here I am!

There’s a new layout on the way and I’m slowly adding all kinds of missing pictures to our gallery!
I’m also going to revamp all the pages on the site.

I hope you’ll be back to visit soon and see what is new on the site!


Admin / January 23rd, 2017

Will Grumpy and the rest of Once Upon a Time‘s dwarfs finally sing about whistling while they work? Will erstwhile cricket Dr. Archie Hopper let loose with a tune about wishing upon a star?

Be prepared”, because such melodic mysteries might be addressed during Season 6. TVLine hears that the fantastical, fairy tale-themed ABC series is currently planning a musical episode, to air sometime this spring. And to that end, some cast members are actively brushing up on their vocal skills.

An ABC spokesperson had no comment on TVLine’s story.

Having weaved in characters from Frozen, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin and other musical Disney features over the years, talk of Once cuing up a musical episode has always brewed, with series cocreator Eddy Kitsis saying as recently as the 2015 Comic-Con, “It would be great to do a musical episode, [but] I don’t know even know where to begin.”

Well, it would seem that the show bosses figured that one out.

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Admin / December 5th, 2016

Goodafternoon Evil Regals!
As promised, I have added more HQ photos of Lana at the Trevor Project’s 2016 TrevorLive LA last night. OUAT co-stars Colin O’Donoghue & Jared Gilmore also attended the event!
Head on over to the gallery to discover more than 45 photos! Enjoy!

Admin / November 17th, 2016

Hello Evil Regals! New HQ Episode Stills of the upcoming OUAT episode: Changelings have been released! Head on over to the gallery to discover them! Enjoy!
Note: 6.09 Changelings will air on Sunday 11/27/16

Admin / November 8th, 2016

Hello there Evil Regals!
I forgot to tell you that I have added promotional photos, episode stills & screencaptures of Lana as Dr. Eva Zambrano in Miami Medical to the gallery! Enjoy!

Admin / October 17th, 2016

Hello Evil Regals! I added Screencaptures of Lana as Marci Eyre in the 2000 movie Spiders! Hope you enjoy!

A DNA experiment on a rare breed of spider is taking place on a NASA space shuttle, when a freak meteor shower engulfs the shuttle, causing everything to go horribly wrong. One survivor is found on the ship and watched over in a secret location deep in the California desert. The problem continues, as the survivor isn’t alone, as another deadly spiders climbs out of him and goes on a rampage around the ship. Curious reporter Marci Eyre must now survive, escape and warn everyone before the spider reaches outside the desert.

The Happy Ending Convention : Chapter 2
May 5th – 6th 2018 – Paris
Confirmed Guests:

Lana Parrilla – Regina Mills

Sean Maguire – Robin Hood

Barbara Hershey – Cora Mills

Jared Gilmore – Henry Mills (S1-S6)

Andrew J West – Henry Mills (S7)


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