2016 Public Appearances

Helly my dearest fellow Evil Regals! I have updated the gallery with Public Appearances of Lana in 2016!
Hope you will enjoy! xoxo Sarah

OUAT 6.04 Strange Case – Promo

6.03 The Other Shoe – More Episode Stills & BTS

So Evil Regals, I have added more episode stills and some BTS pictures of Lana on last night’s OUAT episode: The Other Shoe! Credit for these goes to FarFarAWay!

OUAT On Set at Granny’s Diner – 2016/09/28

Hello again Evil Regals!
Lana, along with Jennifer Morrison, was spotted on set at Granny’s diner in Steveston around the 28th of September. I added the pictures to our gallery. Credit to the original photographer. Enjoy!

OUAT 6.03 The Other Shoe – Sneak Peek #2

Hello Evil Regals!
Below you can find a new sneak peek that has just been released for the upcoming OUAT episode: The Other Shoe.

Should Lana Parrilla’s Regina have new love interest on OUAT?


Mrs. Carter: It’s only fair for “Once Upon a Time” fans to want a happily ever after for Regina.

At the core of the ABC drama is this sentiment that if you are good and virtuous, eventually something good will come your way. That does not necessarily mean that it is permanent, but that your life should be in many ways better than it was when you were wishing for that man or woman to enter your world and bring in a beautiful love.

Unfortunately, Regina Mills is a character surrounded in tragedy almost her entire life. We’ve already seen the sort of mother Cora was, we saw the end of her relationship with Daniel, we dealt with Daniel’s reanimated corpse, and more recently we saw the end of her latest true love in Robin Hood after he had provided her with hope for the future. Emma and Snow White have been able to find and, to date, maintain their perceptions of happy endings. Regina has not, and it cannot always be traced to the result of her own actions.

As we venture further into season 6, the question we want to ask in this latest chapter of our ‘Shiptober series is rather simple: Should Regina find a new love interest, someone currently in the cast, or no one at all? Continue reading

6.03 The Other Shoe – Episode Stills

Hello Evil Regals out there! Episode Stills for the upcoming OUAT episode: The Other Shoe have been added to the gallery! Enjoy!

6.02 A Bitter Draught – Episode Stills & Screencaptures

Helly my dearest fellow Evil Regals! Episode Stills & Episode Screencaptures of Lana in the 2nd Season 6 episode of OUAT: A Bitter Draught have been added to the gallery!
Hope you will enjoy! xoxo Sarah

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